L-Argnine benefits for sex, bodybuilding, side effects, and how to use L-Argnine

L-Argnine benefits for sex, bodybuilding, side effects, and how to use L-Argnine

L-Argnine Supplement Benefits, Dosages, and Damages Comprehensive Profile L-Argnine 2

L-Argnine is a conditionally essential amino acid. What does it mean to be a conditional? That is, it is necessary to take it from food in specific cases, which I will explain to you and we will talk about the harms of arginine. 

Amino acids are 20 acids, including 9 essential acids that the body does not make inside it and needs it from an external source (food or supplements) and 5 non-essential acids that the body makes inside it. And 6 amino acids are conditionally essential, meaning that the body actually makes them inside, but under several circumstances. The body needs additional amounts from the outside, such as in the case of illness or in the case of a premature baby..etc. These 6 conditionally necessary acids are:






And our guest today is Argnine

The body makes its need from arginine, but in the event of aging, diabetes and blood pressure, the enzyme Arginase increases in the body. This enzyme leads to the dissolution of arginine and the creation of a deficit in it inside the body, and therefore we need to increase the amount of arginine from an external source. This is why it is conditionally necessary.

How does L-arginine work in the body?

One of the functions of L-arginine is that it converts in the body into nitric oxide gas. We've all heard about it with nitric oxide supplements like NO XPLODE for example.

Nitric oxide dilates the veins, which in turn improves blood circulation and reduces blood pressure. This may also make it have benefits for sex in terms of strengthening erection, stimulating the mind and preventing heart disease. 

Arginine has several other roles. Including cleaning the body of ammonia arising from the breakdown of protein, and it has a role in the manufacture of several acids in the body such as creatine, agmatine, glutamate and others.

Arginine benefits:

A healthy body manufactures its needs from L-arginine. And in the case of a high-protein diet, you take your need of it and more. The question remains: Does L-arginine supplementation have an additional and therapeutic role? This is what I will answer.

Arginine benefits for bodybuilding:

There are many pre-workout supplements that contain L-Argnine. The most popular are Cellucor's C4 supplement with 1,000 mg L-arginine, Nitraflex's supplement, Cobra labs' Curse supplement with 1,000 mg L-arginine, and Nutrex's Outrage supplement with 750 mg L-arginine.


The possible effect of L-arginine is not only due to its role in increasing nitric oxide, but to its role in the manufacture of growth hormone (study) and creatine in the body. (study)

There are conflicting studies regarding the effect of L-arginine on increasing energy and strength with exercise. This study, which is the most famous of what dealt with the role of arginine in improving athletic performance, says the following:

Despite the effect of arginine and its positive role in increasing growth hormone, creatine and nitric oxide, this gives the impression that the supplement has an effective role in improving athletic performance. But studies that have found this positive effect are rare. There are bodybuilders who follow a low-calorie diet, who eat 8 grams of arginine daily. It did not show any positive effect on their body components of fat and muscle or an improvement in their performance. As for patients with heart disease and angina pectoris who took an arginine supplement daily, they had an improvement in their athletic performance.

The conclusion here is that arginine supplement has a weak effect on improving athletic performance in a healthy person, but it may benefit patients with heart disease, high blood pressure, or angina. And of course, the modest 1 gram dose found in Pre-Workout supplements won't do anything for you.

Arginine benefits for sex:

There are plenty of supplements and herbs that claim to improve sexual health and erectile strength, the most famous of which are MACA, Horny Goat Weed, Tribulus, and yohimbine, among others. L-Arginine is a nutritional supplement that has been extensively studied as a treatment for erectile dysfunction. These studies found that L-arginine alone has a weak effect in the treatment of erectile dysfunction, but the addition of some supplements and herbs to L-arginine, found a significant effect in the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

A study, for example, found that L-arginine alone did not improve erectile dysfunction in only 5% of men with erectile dysfunction, but when the herb Pycnogenol was added, erectile dysfunction improved in 80% of men.


Yohimbine is also an effective herbal remedy for erectile dysfunction. A study found that when added to L-arginine, erectile dysfunction was significantly improved in men.


The herbal remedy for erectile dysfunction and the improvement of sexual potency is a long-discussed topic. What is important to you from this article is that L-arginine alone does not have a significant effect on the treatment of erectile dysfunction. My personal advice is to visit a doctor and take effective and fast-acting drugs such as Viagra and Cialis. Life is short and the wife is too short to waste your time trying nutritional supplements.

Important note: Do not take Viagra with L-arginine, as the two have a significant effect on lowering blood pressure, and taking them together leads to dangerously lowering of your blood pressure.

Other benefits of L-Arginine:

It may help improve the condition and reduce the chest pain of angina patients, but it does not cure the disease itself.

Helps reduce blood pressure in hypertensive patients.

It is added to infant supplements, as it relieves stomach infections for premature babies.

Helps relieve limb pain arising from poor blood supply.

How to use Arginine 500:

The way to use Arginine 500 is if it is taken before exercise, 3000 to 5000 mg are taken half an hour before exercise.

If taken to help treat heart disease, take 6 grams 3 times daily.

If taken to help relieve angina pain, take 3 to 6 grams 3 times daily.

In the case of taking it to treat erectile dysfunction, it is taken 5 grams per day and not only before intercourse.

Consult your doctor before taking it to treat any disease as this supplement interacts with many medications.

Arginine side effects:

L-arginine is safe for most people if the doses required for each condition are adhered to. Among the harmful effects of arginine are:




Reduction of Blood pressure

allergy symptoms

Increasing severity of asthma symptoms

Mostly safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding, and this is only for the short term. There are no long-term studies of its symptoms for pregnant and lactating women. Take it only when necessary.

If you have had a heart attack recently, stay away from this supplement as it may increase the risk of death.

Do not take it two weeks before surgery because it affects blood pressure.

Do not take it if you have kidney disease because it increases the accumulation of potassium in the kidneys.


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